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Alternative Rock/Pop Artist, David Duane started singing at the age of 11 years old. He started his training as a dancer in 1999. David discovered his singing ability while he was on the phone with two of friends, singing the hit single “Leave (Get Out)” by JoJo. In the year of 2002, he formed a male duo group with his best friend, Malcolm B. The group went by the name, “DM3”. David says “I came up with the name while Malcolm & I were on the phone one day. But the “DM” is for our name and the 3 is just the magic number.”

DM3 wrote & produced their first song together, which never released titled “Party Over There”. David as a younger child always had a dream of being in a group but the other didn’t. David and Malcolm continued working as a writing team; the two both were writing songs for other artist, themselves, and each other.

Once again, David wrote two records, which would be songs for his debut album in the near future. “Lose Me (U Lose Me) “was about being in a relationship where the female was cheating and David breaks up with her. “I Don’t Care” was a song about a guy speaking to the haters telling them that his doesn’t care about their negativity. David then began his work as a solo artist writing songs and continued working as a dancer. As David was working on his solo artist career he begin promoting for artist such as Dawn Richard (Diddy-Dirty Money & Danity Kane), Kalenna (Diddy-Dirty Money), and Vonzell Solomon. From working with other artist David learned a great deal to help him become a success entertainer.

Recently, David Duane re-release his debut EP, “Fierce Wings: 1st Time Coming” to all online media stores. The EP will include 11 tracks and features his singles, “Love Won’t Wait On Us (R&B Mix)”, “U Lose Me” and “My Hearts On Overload”. The sound of the “Fierce Wings” EP is described to be “pop-r&b-soul-alternative rock-electro twist” which David calls “Pop&B. Along with the EP release, he released two music videos for his promotional single, “1st Time Coming”, which is receiving positive feedback. David Duane is also the host of his own radio station & show, “The Biz With D/ My Fierce Wings Radio”. ”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please be on the lookout for David as he rises as an entertainer. He isn’t playing games and is here to stay in the entertainment industry.

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