Daniel Navas


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I'm Jersey boy through and through. Growing up in Ocean County has been one of the pivotal parts in making me who I am.

As a kid I took any part I could in any show from kindergarten till my senior year of high school. Growing up I've taken many classes in improvisation, acting, musical theatre and voice. Which, when you come to think of it all wrap into each other anyway.

I've currently moved to Manhattan in the Big Ol' City of Dreams! Nyc! I'm attending a college there and hoping to audition for their Theatre Performance major sometime this upcoming semester.

Acting and music are my passions. I don't know what I would be doing in life if it wasn't for them. I'm currently getting more into dance also. As soon as the summer is over and I go back to NYC for the academic year I'm going to make sure to not only hone my acting and singing more but also work on dancing.

Broadway is all about Triple Threats.

Normally people would say they want to be famous and make tons of money. In my case all I want is to be happy doing the things that I love.

I'm going to be auditioning as much as I can this year in the hopes of building my resume up a bit more. Mainly my goals for my self are just to be happy , productive and lead a more healthy lifestyle.

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