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Danger Duke


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Danger Duke was born in Little Rock Arkansas on January 25th 1977. Raised in the Granite Mountain Projects, One of the roughest projects in Little Rock, he had a lot of fights, sometimes with two people at the same time, Danger Duke had to be tough or get ran over. That's just how it is in Little Rock. At seven he moved to the north-side of Minneapolis, meeting his cousins that were already in Minnesota. After hanging with them for a few years, they formed a group called Mackilot, started by his cousin Breeze and his cousin L.P(R.I.P), consisting of mostly family as the members.Danger Duke was about 13 years old when the group was started. The group started throwing parties every weekend, sliding in their own music every now and then and doing live side performances to get a name for themselves. All the parties they threw gained them recognition all over Minneapolis and St. Paul, and even in other states. Danger Duke formed a rap group with his cousin Breeze called Armed and Dangerous, performing at parties and small bars, they started making a name for themselves. In 1995 they signed to Get Right Records where they recorded a song on a Compilation Album called "High Energy", the song was a banger, but the label they signed to didn't have every thing together, From there Danger Duke went on to pursue a solo career, collaborating and performing with various artist such as Contac, Rawnum, Sandman, Stone Pilla, Playa Lavish, Six The Prophet, P.M.S, Sloe, and Midnight. Danger Duke has Studied the game, and put in work long enough to where he feels he is ready to step off the porch and put his feet down on the ground and take giant Sasquatch steps through every door that opens and see where they lead him. Now in 2014 Danger Duke is coming back very hard, (as if he every left) with his first Long awaited album Entitled Fully Focused. Produced By Him at HIT HOUSE RECORDINGS. So get ready world to come into his world.

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