Craig Mathieson


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Hailing from Scotland originally, and after travelling the globe for four fine years, I'm now living in Maine, USA, settling into a full-time career with the American Red Cross, as well as keeping the musical dream alive as a fun hobby... love it! If you're interested in anything you hear please feel free to drop me a line via Lafango, or email For single-song and album downloads please visit any one of these major online stores: iTunes, Amazon, Nokia, Napster, Zune, HMV, Tesco Digital, plus many more. Hope you enjoy - thanks so much for dropping by!

Please drop by "BAZZA RITCHIE'S" Lafango site and check out the collaborative effort between Barry Morgan and myself! THANK YOU KINDLY TO ALL WHO SUPPORT, LEAVE GENEROUS FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT THE INDEPENDENT WORLD OF MUSIC. I SALUTE YOU!

I aim to make a happy, comfortable life for my wife and future children! It's a dream to have my music heard worldwide & appreciated for what it is, without any middle-men taking a slice of the pie! So I'm keeping it all independent. Stardom is not a goal nor a desire, but I'll take the recognition anyday! ;) Thanks to sites like, this is made possible!

Debut album 'FLIGHT 143' is available from most major online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Nokia, and many more. Thanks for your support!


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