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Corbin Young: singer/songwriter from Grapevine, Texas. As a leading member of the Polydactyl Records Collective, Corbin Young has recorded and played on several recordings by his brother Broderick and even more with the collective's other member Lauren Moseley. His first full-length recording "Directions from I Don't Know Where" was put out in January 2010 as a summary of his work from early recordings with the Daily Brother's Chris Daily to solo recording on a portastudio. After working on that, Corbin was a big player in the Lauren Moseley album "Kissingerology," co-producing, and co-recording the album with his brother Broderick, writing one of the tracks ( A life in Vain), and playing drums, bass, and guitar on various tracks of that album. Later he took to playing lead guitar for Lauren Moseley for a limited amount of gigs. Afterwards, upon moving to Denton, he released "Songs to Make You Famous," a 4 track EP consisting of guitar, drums, and voice to imitate a live setting for future solo and later full band gigs. Currently he is playing guitar and singing tracks from "Songs" in the band Noiserock Treehouse as of April 2012 and plans to put out an EP with the band and possibly a solo album as well this year. He continues to live in Denton, TX while studying at UNT and practices for hopeful performances to come in his spare time.

Music from someone who just wants a chance if you'll give it to me.

Teflon Beast Records, Polydactyl Records, Matador Records, quitting my day job to play music, and Guitars

Get gigs, get into 35 Denton, get to the meaning of life

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