Cameron Huxter


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Cameron is a very talented singer/multi-instrumentalist who has recently graduated from the Music Industry & Performance program at College of the North Atlantic. He secured himself a job in the marketing department of the Stephenville Theatre Festival after completing just one year of the Music program at the College. He has been a part of many shows since his arrival at the College but has decided to take a different direction in his career. In September-October of 2013, Cameron plans on moving to St. Johns to better his chances of success in Newfoundland. Once he gets settled into the city life, Cameron plans to apply to Memorial University of Newfoundland for a Composition major. Cameron is already a strong bassist and drummer (approx. 3 years experience playing each), as well as an excellent singer and decent guitar player (he's been singing practically since birth and picked up guitar playing in 12th grade). Recently, Cameron has grown extremely intrigued by the sonic and rhythmic possibilities of MIDI music and synth controllers, as well as orchestral music and theory, the true old school. He is open to many new and unorthodox ideas and topics and has a very unique writing style. Cameron likes to keep his original music a tad on the weird side, but he thoroughly enjoys playing and writing all styles of music. This young man has a lot to say to the world, and he won't stop until he's heard.

Cameron Huxter is a completely self-taught musician in terms of playing technique. He learned all that he knows about music theory and sound design while studying at CNA's Music program. He has always had a natural rhythm and love for Music which carved a path toward the beginnings of his future Music career.

Cameron's interests consist of learning and performing music of all styles, physical activity and healthy living, technology and new innovations in the world of Music and the entertainment industry.

Cameron's goal is to become a professional musician and to sustain himself with the thing that he loves to do most in the world. He believes that studying Music at a College level is the first step to making his dream come true.

  • Top Mark in Ensemble Performance: Guitar

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