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Ron sang in choirs and played piano as a child. He started playing guitar at 13. Became a member of SOCAN 1987.

Released Cardboard Box 1991 10 song cd originally released on cassette tape. Was given an Alberta Foundation for the performing arts grant in 1993 leading to the release of The Archers Eyes in 1994.

Ron has performed on TV many times live and has played over 1000 gigs. He enjoys busking as well.

In addition to writing music he also plays a wide variety of classic rock, folk, reggae, country, blues, swing, jazz.

Ron studied under Canadian jazz legend Bob Erlendson.

It is hard to catagorize Ron because of the variety of music he plays. Best just to say..he does love to play.

I started early with piano lessons. Switched to acoustic guitar at age 13. Sang in choir throughout elementry school. After high school, I juggled university, working ( I've had a variety of architectural model builder, labourer, dishwasher, gas jockey, shoe sales, surveyors assistant, carpenter assistant, soundtech and event worker and armed guard) with busking and gigging. I met Bob Erlendson (Bebop jazz piano - played with Lenny Breau) and after a while studying jazz therory ( I also played in a duo with his daughter Jessica called Katana) music really began to come together for me. I put out two self produced albums, "Cardboard Box" (1991) with Garry Beattie's help , and "The Archers Eyes" (1995) with a grant from The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. I played a number of shows and tv performances including The Breakfast Show (Global), The Big Breakfast ( A channel), Shaw Cable TV).Presently, I hold 3 busking permits for the City of Calgary, busk most days and play gigs when I'm asked. I have a band with Jean Chiquette Bass, Ron Haliday (Sax, Flute, Guitar), JK (Drums). Jessica Erlendson is available too for local gigs (She is the backup vocal on Crownest, Homefree, Hardride, Casual Aquaintance, and Eye of the hurricane. She also has writing credits on Crowsnest, Ketchup soup and Melt away). She also has her own band and original material.

First, I'd like find management (presently I book myself) and.. tour....

If you can arrange it... I'll play for you...anywhere...

Added on a few more tunes.. enjoy!

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