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In this day and age Hip-Hop is on a plateau of its own, with many people wanting to represent the culture and those that actually do it without recognition. Emcee Classiq from the Hip-Hop trio Brothers Next Door is one of those people who are doing exactly that. The Orange County Native is canvassing the beauty of Hip-Hop music giving the listeners a portrait of what the music should be and that's Elegance & Rawness. On his first debut the Anaheim Emcee introduced his growing sound with "The Interview" with wordplay and conceptual songs like "All i Need" with being quite personal on "Let Me Loose".

Since cementing his status on the scene from opening up for Murs & EPMD with his team. Classiq remains hungry to massage his message in the minds of music lovers and culture embracers which is "Truth lies in the Underground". On his upcoming E.P "The Diary: The Life of an Emcee" he explores more into his style and letting the music speak to the people. Can't help but to say he is a " Diamond in the Ruff" so as time progresses this Emcee shall shine. Take a listen and breathe in the fresh air! Its Emcee Classiq

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