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Art Benton grew up in Germantown, Tennessee, in the heart of the southern region that spawned his magnificent sound, where he was introduced to music at an early age. “I used to sing in churches all over Memphis.” He learned to express himself through music in a powerful and rhythmic way as many blues/soul artists from this southern area have accomplished. Art’s singing career has landed him in various venues all over the country.

Art comes from a long line of celebrated musicians beginning with his uncle Brook Benton, James Benton, and cousin R. Kelly, a more recent generation.. His expressive and cadenced music has been influenced by his uncle and internationally known Blues Artist Brook Benton and his brother, James Benton, a renowned gospel singer.

As a teenager, Art formed a group called the “Tear Drops” but quickly went on to a solo career recording such songs as “Sweet Loving” and “Get up off your” under the production of Ray Franklin. “I used to work for pennies at shows but I didn’t care as long as I could sing.” Over the years, Art has performed with some of the great Blues and Soul artists and mentors such as Tyrone Davis, Johnny Taylor, and Ray Charles.
After an extensive solo career, Art briefly formed a group called “BCO”and recorded with Gold Wax Records songs such as “I Gotta Find Me a Freak” and “Cocaine, Don’t Smoke That.” Keeping it in the family, Art has formed a group called “Art Benton” which includes his nephew Arthur Benton recording such soulful hits as “Until You’re Gone” and “Hooked and Bound.” Art has released two great albums building an impressive list of songwriter credits.

Art Benton's latest album “Trouble”, to be released in February 2012, is another diamond in a string of hit songs featuring his soulful executions with a slight juke-joint feel. Art Benton’s hard work as an artist has paid off with a spectacular accumulation of music and a reputation to “deliver the goods” to the audience with his smooth and elegant crooning with the background support of his nephew Arthur Benton.
Art Benton stays true to form with his soulful sound, persevering with passion and conviction whether it is the recording studio or a live performance. Art carries a message to his listeners around the world and his music has received praise for its rhythmic and soulful sound. Art Benton’s goals are to preserve the classic soul and blues sound of the southern region.

Arthur Benton performed at Baptist churches from a very young age and enjoyed singing to audiences. This love for audiences moved him to join his uncle Art Benton in a group called BCD recording at Gold Wax Records in Memphis, Tennessee. This is where he began his songwriting using real-life situations. “I feel it is a great thing to bring message to people about everyday living.” Arthur helped write and execute songs such as “Cocaine Don’t Smoke It” and I Gotta Find Me a Freak.” Later, the BCD group was renamed Art Benton.

Arthur Benton provides soulful background harmonies and tones that allow songs to be delivered exquisitely to eager fans. Influences from a family of renowned Blues and Gospel artists allow Arthur's delivery to be flawless. He has recorded with Art Benton other hits such as "Until You Are Gone" and Hooked and Bound."

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    Release Date February 2012

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