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Canadian recording artist Carla Bonnell brings depth, diversity and colourful storytelling into play with her songwriting talents, that touch on folk, blues, country, bluegrass and roots elements that fuse together to become her special and unique contribution to the music scene. As a singer-songwriter, Bonnell wears her heart on her sleeve, which is channeled through her lyrics that express universal themes that everyone can relate to.

As a follow-up to her 2013 Nashville recordings, an inspirational Country release called "Back To You", Carla felt a calling to go back to her roots in the Maritimes and craft a very earthy collection of songs and record in the region where her and her musical family have flourished, for many generations. Thus her 2014 album release titled "Liberator" was recorded in Nova Scotia and produced by journeyman east coast performer J.P. Cormier (Jimmy Rankin, Rita McNeil). The album is a testament to her tenacity to be herself and share her thoughts and stories with fan base that has grown in various regions of Canada via her live performances in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, including the "New Brunswick Country Music Showcase" concert series. Carla Bonnell has performed with band members of Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison on some of these select tour dates, who embraced her natural talent and stage energy, as well as live performance collaborations with Juno Award winner Lawrence Martin.

With numerous radio interviews and air play for her Nashville release, Bonnell is poised to take her career to a new level with a national radio campaign for "Liberator" and live performances in the cities that embrace the new release.

Carla Bonnell has always given back to her local communities by performing benefit concerts, even if it means travelling great distances to do so. She has recently been recognized in her hometown of Minto, NB on the "Minto Country Music Wall of Fame" alongside many NB Country music hall of fame inductees.

Radio personality Brent Buchanan, Morning Show Host, Country KHJ says, "Carla really hit a homer with this new CD. You can relate to every song, and that's what Country Music is all about right, Way to go Carla""

Carla inspires her fans with her honesty and integrity and is currently writing new material for her upcoming 2015 album release. Bonnell is focused on bringing her music to new audiences and is booking her 2015 tour and applying to select music industry showcases, to achieve her vision of spreading her musical wings into theatres, select house concerts and premiere listening rooms across the country.

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    North Bay , Ontario Canada
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  • 2014 Inductee into the Minto Country Music Wall of Fame

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    "Love this!! @carlabonnell is so so great! Hope you are enjoying all these tunes like we are!"

    "Wow!! Gorgeous song from our lovely and incredibly talented #featureartist @carlabonnell! #HalleluiahAmen"

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  • Minto Country Music Wall of Fame

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  • Carla Bonnell~The Liberator

    The single Gypsy Heart is one of my favorite tracks, because I love the classic country beat. Carla Bonnell shared the song’s back story with me: “My grandfather would tease me when I was a kid and say, ‘Go peddle your papers.’ That came into my head one day when I was sitting on the couch. So, I just started to write. As the song started to flow out, it became more about my disconnect from where I’m from in New Brunswick. I just started writing about living a gypsy lifestyle, the things I’ve seen in this country and the things I still want to see.”

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  • Carla Bonnell

    Radio interview with Vintage Country KHJ's Brent Buchanan

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