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Classically trained vocalist in chamber music, jazz, choral... member of California State Honor Jazz Choir 1992. I am father to 3 wonderfully amazing and talented boys, a non-commissioned officer in the US Air Force, and a perpetual student in the classroom of life. I speak Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Both my mother and sister are registered nurses, and my Dad is superintendent and chief estimator for a large structural repair firm in Atlanta. He's also a veteran of the US Air Force, and a pretty damned good tennis player... for an old man! They are my roots, my strength, my rock and my solace. I wouldn't be the man I am today without their love, support, devotion, discipline and shameless cheer leading!
My Pop (natural parents divorced, so natural dad is 'Pop') is a personal trainer and massage therapist in Richmond Virginia ( [url][/url] ) who sings and plays circles around me. Maybe one day he'll get the stones to post some stuff up here!! (OOH I called you out Pop!) =D
He and his wife Pam (an incredibly talented singer and guitarist herself) had a band in Richmond years back called 'Band of Thieves'. The demos were AWESOME!

Become the High Chancellor of the Seven Galaxies... (lol... kidding... I hope you knew without me telling you). I'd like to raise my boys to be better men than I am, get my Juris Doctor when I retire from the US Air Force, and maybe get an original song picked up or sold! :P

My SONS, My family, MAKING MUSIC, Mixed Martial Arts, poetry, philosophy, politics, fine dining, culture, languages, personal improvement, libertarianism, spirituality, atheism, Confuscianism, Buddhism, Anarcho-Capitalism, self-government, art, sculpture, communication, all things Italian

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