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Chivas Kimber born Feb. 3, 1984. This young man was born and bred amongst musicians since an early age. His parents realized his talents and immediately placed him in church choir. Over the years Chivas was engulfed by the many attributes and contrasts of different genres of music. He was ridiculed for listening to anything outside of his peers genre of music. He didn't care what others thought and later on in life he would realize that all these genres of music would soon mold him into what he is today. By him being a military brat he started realizing that there was more to life than just the culture that he was brought up in.

So his parents moved him from his home in Phenix City, Alabama to Killeen Tx. There he would meet a different form of music and a totally different culture. After only a year in Texas he would soon learn that he would be moving not to another state, but another country entirely. Picking up the knowledge he gained in Texas he began his journey to lands unknown. 10 hour flight later he would be in his new home for 4 years Germany. Not knowing the language or any of their customs he felt totally out of place; but that would soon change. He started meeting local Americans and local nationals and realized that even though we reign from different parts of the world we love and appreciate the same things.... MUSIC!!!! Here far from home he would key in on his lifelong passion and take it to the next level. Meeting other artists not just from Germany or America, but artist from Holland, Czech, France etc..... Intrigued by all of this he made his travels to many European countries. This would enlighten him on what direction music needed to head in.

After only 3 years he would move to Orlando Fla. Once again he was slapped in the face by Latin culture. There he would notice how much of an impact the Latin community had on music in general. He once again added to his repertoire of music and began integrating it into his music scheme as a whole. From Orlando back to Germany, he began spending time in Holland. He was introduced to the well known dance culture. There he would find a new sound that compelled him. This would be a sound that would strengthen his music entirely. From Holland back to Germany, back to Texas.

Military brat that has traveled the world and learned many different music styles. Being the child of a foster parent, I helped my mother raise many children who were in need of so much love and attention and you can hear it today in my music! I sing, Produce, Song write, Engineer, Photography, Video Filming and Post Production among a few other things. I just want to pursue my career in music and make mine and my family's dreams come true!

Music, Life, Business and Astronomy

Become my own boss and make music as a living. Once there I will set new goals to achieve but one step at a time.

Loving the responses from my new album "Omega Point"

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    Phone: 706-527-9915
    Texas United States
  • Killeen Music Awards Show (Best Overall)

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