Chelsey Nikolaros


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I started singing at a very young age and participated in the music program all though my school years. In high school, I fought to get a boundary exemption just so I could go to the school with the best musical theatre and jazz program in the city! There, my love for jazz grew and I became part of the school's two exclusive jazz combos / vocal groups. After high school, I applied to Humber College's contemporary music degree. I didn't get in the first year, but I was accepted to their intro to commercial jazz certificate program. After graduating, I decided to apply to the contemporary degree again, and I got in! After 1 year, I had some personal difficulties in my life, and I was forced to leave the school. I have always regreted it, but my passion is still alive for music! I truly believe music feeds the soul.

Music and more music!

To find others who are just as passionate about music as I am and to find a band/great people to sing/play with.

Just uploaded a new song! Check it out!!!

  • Gold Award for best accapella jazz combo - National Music Festival, Montreal, Canada

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