Chase Fortune


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Hailing from the Great Plains of Kansas, Chase Fortune is a young indie folk artist with a knack for combining odd instruments and melodies to create a unique twist on the singer/songwriter sound. His sound combines everything from the folksy rhythms of the Midwest to the light-hearted beachside pop of the West Coast, while sometimes even taking on the darker side of the acoustic sound. Chase Fortune’s distinctive one-man act combines Australian instrument, the didgeridoo, with acoustic guitar, percussion, and vocal harmonies, all mixed through his small loop station.

Chase Fortune just released his second EP album, Poison in the Well, this July. After spending two years refining his sound, Chase, along with his recording engineer, locked himself in a small in-house studio, spending fifteen-hour days recording the album. With only a few days to record before leaving the Midwest for the bustling streets of LA and a very limited set of instruments, Chase and his team of two spent an entire week recording the album. They often worked late into the night, sleeping a few hours on his friends couch and returning to the project before daybreak. The album is a very personal piece, with each song holding a story behind it.

Poison in the Well can now be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Shazam, and just about every other streaming/downloading site out there.