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With feet rooted in gospel, a heart filled with soul, and a voice touched with jazz, Chanda Rule has been weaving stories through song, humming melodies, and bending words since her childhood. Mesmerizing audiences across the globe with her vocal power, dexterity and her uncanny ability to lead audiences of all backgrounds in harmonious song, her voice is described as "goose bump inducing!", “liquid clear” and “bound to fill your spirit to its rim.” Recently featured in Cicily Janus' "The New Face of Jazz" (Billboard Books) and noted for her songs filled with colorful poetics that embrace personal and spiritual depth, Chanda's genre-defying voice has graced a variety of musical projects: from her Langston Hughes inspired concert "I Too Speak of a River" and "Feelin' Good: A Tribute to Nina Simone", to performing with jazz trumpeter Franz Hackl's Outreach Orchestra, Denis Matsuev's Crescendo Festival, tours and clinics with the Golden Gospel Singers and New Music concerts with film composer Gene Pritsker. Chanda loves to proclaim that music is a healing balm for the human spirit and uses music to honor the downright sacred wholeness of every being.

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  • Harlem Stage Fund for New Works Grant

  • Manya Lugova Stepanskaya Scholarship for Musical Studies

  • Brooklyn Library Jazz Performance Grant Recipient

  • Howard University National Merit Scholar

  • Apollo Sound Stage: Salon Series, Featured New Works

  • Hough Scholar - Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University

  • Powerful!

    "Her powerful voice is characterized by superb diction...heartfelt intonation...and often aching beauty."Publication: All About Jazz, Raul D'Gama Rose,
  • Soulful Waters

    "The sound is reminiscent of a young Oleta Adams that's been doused with holy (yet soulful) waters of Dinah, Ella, and Dianne Reeves all perfectly woven into a spiritual, musical experience."Publication: Rhapsody, Eddie RobinsonDate:
  • Pure and Magnificent Voice

    "...American jazz singer Chanda Rule, the talented and very demanding performer with a magnificent bewitching voice, will perform. The pure and magnificent voice of Rule takes up the listener with its quality, which is quite rare on today’s music stage."Publication: The Baltic Times, Ludmila NikitinaDate:
  • Rising Up

    "Rising up from the overcrowded and often clichéd vocal scene in jazz, Chanda Rule is truly a breath that, once taken in, could sustain your life."Publication: The New Face of Jazz (Billboard Books) Cicily Janus

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