Erin Jennings


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Cele is a classically trained pianist with 10 years of grudging experience. Over the years she has also added the mandolin, acoustic/electric guitar, and clarinet to her repertoire.

Her first introduction to electronic music production occurred in high school. This hobby was reignited in college and eventually became her calling. Armed only with keyboard and mouse, Cele places each sound with care and precision - and that's how she likes it.

Cele plays In the Groove religiously, a dancing game related very closely to Dance Dance Revolution. She loves to write songs intended to be 'stepped' to (examples of this are Defiance [The Fell OST] and Gradius Maximus).

Cele's debut album, Singularity, is available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and the Zune marketplace.

Cele endeavors to write music that inspires and entertains her listeners. Rather than relegating her music into a passive role, she rejects the accepted formula for electronic music and molds her own.

Cele predominantly writes music for use in games, but she has a soft spot in her heart for foreign electro-pop, orchestral electronica, and big beat music.

My debut album is finally released!