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Biography Cathie McKay aka Cathie Cougar

Cathie has been involved in the music business in one form or another for most of her life. She started playing piano at age 6 and took guitar lessons as a young teen. She has sung her whole life although she has no formal training, she has fronted many bands and is proud of many accomplishments. Cathie toured with Jamaican recording artist Frank Caroll & Hit Squad at the tender age of 14 years. As a teenager, Cathie sang the alto solo to Ave Maria with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, having been chosen from hundreds of youth who auditioned from all the high schools in that city. Cathie has been performing in the North for some time and has hooked up with such bands as Hard Tymez, Just the Boys and of course Looney Tunz. Cathie is working on a number of projects that involve young musicians and will be releasing a CD of her original music in 2011.

Started professionally at age 14 singing in the bars, performed with the Regina Symphony Orchestra by age 15 and toured with Frank Caroll and Hit Squad while still in my young teens. I have sung country, reggae, blues, r&b, classical, punk and my heart is good old fashioned hard rock!

I am a crazy rocker chick that is kind of a cross between Amy Lee and Janis Joplin. I have been playing around for too long and now its time for me to finally get a CD together and see where it takes me and that means I need to find a band!

CD should be out in 2011... check out the fan page on Facebook for Cathie Cougar as well for updates!!!

Hi everyone! Basically, I am looking for musicians to play with me. Have a CD project that I would really like to get started on, so if you are into hard rock/metal... drop me a line... maybe we can get something going!

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