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I was born in New Orleans the son of a Merchant Marine. when I was around a yr old my Dad bought a 80 acre farm in arkansas we lived there until the day after xmas. The day after xmas that little wood frame shack burnt down to the ground nothing was left nothing I mean nothing .There my mother was 4 kids with father was out to sea my mom called her sister in michgan she came and got us we lived there untill my father took us back to new orleans. We lived there until I was 4 and then moved to the Houston area because of his job. My first influence was from my father who played in bands in the 30's. He played the banjo, accordian and guitar.The first time i remember picking up the guitar i was 5yrs old i wish now i would have never put it down,I didnt pick it up again till i was 20.In my late 20's I moved to Austin to see if i could find my music. I found it but nobody else did so i moved back to houston .Ive never given up on my music or me .I started writing music again its given me my life back.Thanks to the one!!!

Texan, Although I was Born in New Orleans, Louisiana The son of a sailor grew up in Pasadena Texas where the Houston ship channel is. Been playing my guitar since I was 20 on and off my first influences were my Dad he played the banjo,Guitar,other influences were old Rock*Roll, old Country, old standards and any other kind of music that was good . About 2yrs ago I really got in to my music.I guess you could say I'm a late bloomer or maybe I was'nt ready at any case I'll be doing this my music till I can't do it anymore. As they say Ride On! or Born To Ride! Cash!!!

Working on my craft,The love of a good woman,Music,Good food,Good Cold Beer,Baby Animals,A whole Lot of lovin!

To be an Entertainer

Hey! I'm going to america got talent Jan >15th< in Austin we'll see what happen's. Cash

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