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The group Cash Addictz was formed in 2009 by group members James “swift” Rudolph, Marcus “tone” hall, and Leonte “infamous” Dinkins. In 2010 they added long time friend Thomas “TC” Lyons. They all have a love for music and rapping. They are all young men that want to put out a message for teenagers to have fun and just enjoy life. Each group member as included their own little statement about the group, music, and where they want to go in life.
Swift, age 19, says,” I’ve been rapping since the sixth grade, where me and my old friends would have little rap sessions in class and during lunch. Since then I have been rapping and writing music, it’s something I love to do! The name "CA$H ADDiCTz" came about because we thought about 1 thing that we couldn’t get enough of, and it was MONEY! Lol
Infamous, age 18, says, “I’m dedicated to rap I Probably I probably couldn’t live without it or go a day without listening to some type of music. I’m open to different genres of music like hip-hop, rap, R&B, and oldies. Some of my favorite artist are Gucci, Waka, Khalifa, Wayne, and Pharrell, Smokey Robinson, The Temptations, Al Green, and much more. I plan on taking my rap career far and hope to some day be known with the rest of my bros: $wift, T.C., and Tone.

TC, age 19, says,” I Started rapping in January 2010, and haven’t stopped since. I'm currently making my way up the top striving for greatness. Being broke is not an option and green is the topic. My head hurt when I Look down, so any direction besides UP is stupid, Nothing more to say.

  • Dreijah Wold (manager)

    Phone: 702-265-8186
    Nevada United States

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