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The CARNIE BUMS are the innovators of the genre known as hippie.punk.rock. The CARNIE BUMS meld the groove feels of hippie music with the raw energy and force of punk music and top it all off with some in your face rock and roll. The CARNIE BUMS feature two main vocalists and songwriters who each bring their own style and perspective to this original songs and the songs they cover. The CARNIE BUMS play music for the blue-collar crowd with original songs about drinking PBR, snow-skiing, hanging out on Colfax, rock climbing, checking out women, and just surviving the day. Jumping between styles of music, the CARNIE BUMS can pull out covers ranging from the Clash to the Grateful Dead, the Talking Heads to Rage Against the Machine. It's a three-ring circus when the CARNIE BUMS pull up to play.The CARNIE BUMS started playing music in the Denver area in 2008. Founded by the C-dawg, the CARNIE BUMS started primarily as a rock cover band. The CARNIE BUMS were created when the C-dawg invited Dr. Spazz to jam with some friends. The CARNIE BUMS emerged literally from the basement of a friend's house to start playing parties and bars. Quickly the CARNIE BUMS got gigs across the Denver area and got a positive reception for their high energy set that featured original songs written by their duo of songwriters. The CARNIE BUMS played such Denver staples as the Bluebird Theatre, Cricket on the Hill, Larimer Lounge, Lion's Lair, Herman's and more. The CARNIE BUMS also were the featured artist in Golden at the American Alpine Club's Craggin Classic. A change in the lineup has brought in two new CARNIE BUMS who have rounded out the sound. Stevie McSilk aka "Smitty" has brought his steady beat to the drums and Doc Treble has brought the low end to support the rhythm of the CARNIE BUMS. The versatility of the two newest CARNIE BUMS has allowed for new original and cover songs to be added to the ever expanding setlist of the CARNIE BUMS.

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    Phone: 720-320-7732 (Steve)
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