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I like to write, travel, read, hang out with friends. I like to learn (shocker) and i love to listen to music. I'm surprisingly girly, old romance movies have my heart (audrey hepburn is my idol) I like to work out, if your looking for me, the gym is a good place to start your search. Boxing is a passion of mine, so is cheerleading. I'm all over the place, I like to dip my feet in and test all the waters. I push to see how far I can get, and when I reach a barrior, I push harder. I dont like to lose, competition is my sport. Often, I get my way-though it is due to hard work on my behalf. Really, I dont fit into stereotypes, I drink, swear, and like to hit targets, I aspire to be in the FBI, though I'm not a fighter (at all) im quite intelligent and I'm very down to earth. I am a gemini, I make friends easily and I fight with myself more than with those who are in my world. I am passionate about everything, gladly taking any chance i can. I believe i have a good voice, i write my own music, play guitar and drums im a very good artist. I never can make up my mind, and im always updating and improving. I dont like regret, I try my hardest to overcome it.

I would love to:
Drive a motorcycle
Box like a pro
Be in the FBI
Cheerlead all through college
Meet a decent guy for once
Learn to drift a car
Use a fake I.D.
Learn arabic mandarin french and continue my studies in spanish
Study abroad
View all the Iconic images of great countries

and make the most of my life

New song, still working on it though, check it out!


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