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Martha Scully founded Canadian Nanny in 2002. It is an online service that helps families find childcare, find a nanny in their area. Though the name of the business is Canadian Nanny, they also help individuals find babysitters, adult caregivers, pet care, and housekeepers. The idea to start Canadian Nanny came to Martha after she delivered her second born but could not find a babysitter in Oakville, Ontario even after posting a number of ads in the dailies.

The object of Canadian Nanny is to help families locate the right care. The service now serves the entire Canada. The model with which Canadian Nanny works is simple. Nannies, housekeepers, pet care and other individuals seeking a job will create a profile detailing their name, their location, their experience and their age. They will then upload a resume, which is only visible to registered members. Clients check the resumes and the profile and hire the right candidate.
4796 Vista View Cres
Nanaimo, BC V9V 1R2
Phone: (250) 585-3512


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