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Dj-Tru Blu's witty lyricism coupled w/ a golden ear for hit music has catapulted his latest release "The Blu Pill", into debates as one of 2011's most talked about indie releases. He embodies the spirit of a musician who enjoys the expression and creativity music brings. Bypassing the fame and fortune path chosen by most, he has chosen to depend on a well-developed grass roots movements consisting of devoted fans and listeners! His sounds have been exposed to the masses from Texas to Florida and beyond! He has worked directly w/ artist like Bun-B and Bushwick Bill, and has been the lone opening act for major artists such as LL Cool J and the Ying-Yang Twins in the peak of their careers. He is truly a veteran w/ "a nose for the endzone" when it comes to finding talent and bringing it all together. His fourth release "The Blu Pill" was self-produced w/ additional production from Greenfingaz and the promotional backing of The Faculty Djs crew. Its no question that an impression will be made with each single released.You can hear the pride and craftsmanship put into each track to ensure a connection is made with the listener in some form. To make a long story short, BE WARNED: this music has substance.

  • Twitter: Dj_TruBlu @DjShomRoc

    United States

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