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Beet Juice (Ekwem Bogmis), originally born in Cameroon, is a classically trained violinist who began his musical journey after high school when he began searching his place in the professional musical realm. Finding it hard to express himself with the groups of his liking, he began to pick up and learn as many instruments that he could make available or afford. In time, after playing the scene as a sit-in for local acts, he was auditioned and invited to play with the then 10 piece reggae band Mosaic Foundation on piano and organ. "Mosaic Foundation was probably the best thing that could have happened to me musically," he admits "It was just great to be surrounded by musicians who were serious and pushed me to apply music theory in a new way." With the group, Ekwem went on to meet many of his heroes such as the Itals, Toots and the Maytals,members of the original Wailers and Kevin Kinsella. In the line of good fortune or what he calls "the fulfillment of my destiny" he was asked by Kevin to fill the void in his 10 Ft Ganja Plant project.All of these factors are present in his current sound, no matter where he takes his listeners, there always seems to be elements of his own interpretation of Jamaican dub . Ekwem describes his music as "African/Acoustic/Electric/Diaspora/Healing/Folk/Dub" and enjoys all the benefits of having such a unique and unheard of genre. "Stylistically I've become aware that on a bill its hard to partner me alongside other musical acts." says Ekwem as he slowly exhales smoke from his nostrils, "I've shared stages with so many musical styles probably because everyone has their own idea of what my music is. I'd like to think that this is the music of Afro/Black people throughout our history and diaspora that is so prevalent in this great American dream." Whatever you want to call it Africa is definitely present in everything he does. Well thought of bass lines lead the way followed by poly rhythms and danceable drums and beat boxing. No matter where he is ,or who he is sharing the stage with, viewers and listeners are captivated by the uniqueness of stage presence, sound and the message.

Classically trained violinist tuned pianist/organist turned guitarist turned beat boxer/percussionist turned beat boxer

Ancient Africa, Yoga, African Music, Capoeira, Loop Music (Sound on Sound)

Spread good vibes and heal persons with tonal and sonic rehabilitation

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