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Songwriting duo Bee’s Kneez is “utterly charming! Not only on a strictly musical level, but on a very personal level as well.”

A musical marriage was born when Adirondack native Caroline Couture was introduced to Long Islander Danny Golub, while both were studying Studio Composition in the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase College. What began as an innocent jam session one afternoon in 2008 ended in a song called “Better Days.” This was the start of many more afternoons spent together, Caroline on the keys and Danny with his guitar, writing inspired songs and stories. With memorable melodies, lush harmonies, and “feel-good” changes, it’s hard to pick just one genre that describes their folky-pop style with it’s twist of jazz and undeniable soul. Keep an eye and an ear out for Bee’s Kneez’ debut full-length album to be released later in 2011!

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      " That Bee's Kneez stuff was utterly charming. Not only on a strict musical level (though from that perspective, Danny and Caroline complement each other extremely well), but on a very personal level as well. It's very apparent that their musical partnership is a mere consequence of a far deeper personal connection, and that's extraordinarily endearing. I mean, they even sing like each other. How much more heart-warming can it get? I do hope they're planning a record, and soon." -Stephen PressPublication: Stephen PressDate:

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