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I always used to say I don't need to take photos of what's around me, that ''photographing'' with eyes (memory) is enough, all because of seeing people taking too many photos of 'whatever things'. Recently I saw a quote reminding me of those people, which said that it takes skills to be a photographer, anyone can press the button! Anyway, I took photography as a hobby about 2 years ago, and took it more seriously in the last year.
What made me see photography different? 2 things : I found that because of my 'eye-photographing' habit, I always seemed to sit in the right place from which to take a good shot of things. Mostly I move around for good shots, but it's just amazing when you find yourself in the right place, realizing it and putting yourself to work with the camera. The other ''thing'' was a person actually, the love I'm engaged with. As a graphic designer, he had the eye for art, so as I took photos of different stuff, he commented in details of my work and he encouraged me...and here I am now, improving more and more.
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Photography, Reading, Writing, Travelling, Movies, Music, Self improvement

To win many photography contests, to work with companies as part time photographer, to work in tourism, to travel as much as possible in different places of the world, so I can practice my photography, to own a Cafe or Restaurant someday


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