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A Verbal Equinox is an Alternative/Experimental/Avant-Garde Rock band hailing from New Jersey. Since their formation in late 2010, A Verbal Equinox has released their debut album "And The Ringmaster Is Pleased To Introduce..." and have gained a substantial amount of popularity and notoriety, currently being endorsed by Arkaik Clothing and having shared a stage with bands such as D.R.U.G.S, William Control, Ice Nine Kills, Get Scared and The Birthday Massacre, they don't plan on slowing down. The sounds of A Verbal Equinox are like nothing you have ever heard outside of your dreams and the traveling circus. With influences ranging from dark cabaret and vaudeville to swing/jazz, you're sure it hear it from our piano man, William Sunshine. He'd love to sing you a song. At the same time incorporating Progressive/Metal influenced lead guitar supplied by Michael Bridda, Mario Conte brings drum styles ranging from hardcore to swing/jazz, well accompanied by some ska-punk/alternative rock sounding bass provided by Jonathon Maisto, while Dan Chetnik juggles the guitar, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and other instruments, and it's all topped off by a lovely vocalist who goes by the name of Cheska Colombo, who's influences are rooted in punk rock. As a 6-piece band of incongruous musicians well versed in the art of turning heads, in addition to taking the stage, expect to have your attention taken as well. Everybody at an A Verbal Equinox show is a part of the performance. With little to no regard for the safety of fellow bandmates, this band sets out to do nothing but give you a show to remember, whether you're invited onto the stage for a game of limbo or you've been spit on, you'll remember A Verbal Equinox's incredibly preposterous and theatrical performance. So if you dare, give a listen and come out to a show, just don't forget to bring an umbrella and a helmet.

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    Phone: 973-224-6343
    • 1st Place -Exposure Music Festival-

    • The Break Contest (Semi-Finalists)

    • Burglary of the Senses Review

      "This young North Jersey outfit A Verbal Equinox is, without a doubt, one of the more interesting underground acts from this area that I've heard."Publication: Burglary of the SensesDate:
    • RoadRunner Records' SignMeTo

      9 out of 10 Rating, #1 on the Alternative Charts, peaked 3/10/11Publication: RoadRunner RecordsDate:
    • Hello Music Review

      "We rarely tag a release as unique, so you should be proud. We hear stuff going on here that sounds fresh and isn't common."Publication: Hello MusicDate:

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