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Hello, my name is Austin O'Brien, Im Currently 16 and im trying to get gigs and to get my music out there. i do alot of covers but i also have alot of originals that i dont take videos of. I love music and reggae and all sorts of genres, ill play anything and do anything. Im willing to work for any price with anyone, anywere :D thank you!

I Started off in choir and decided to break apart from that and join bigger music programs, Im a reggae singer but i do covers of everything from lady gaga to bach. My family is focused around talent and i was rasied in a house with a enlightened view of music.

I wanna be able to play music, and keep a stable living off it. I love drawing and songwriting and i want to be able to show my talent to everyone. I want to help people through music, because music is what helps me.

Music is maturing me, its making me happy, i grow up because of it. and i want to share with the world my emotions of music :D

To have a record label, and be able to do gigs. I want to get into a studio and be able to record for days and mess with all the instruments. I basically want to get a chance to show what i can do.

going to start using this site again...

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