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Audiogold are deft exponents of an alternative rock/folk music blend with a twist of the exquisite classical pedigree that lies behind the founding members. With the guitar and bass player descending from one of the world’s most famous classical violinists (Emanuel Hurwitz) this is a truly unique and technically complex multi-layered set up. <p> Audiogold are renowned for their large, ambient sound, great stage presence and intricate songwriting. Influences include Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and Pink Floyd. Both their debut album - Embers and Theories and their latest EP - Perception of Colour are available in all digital and physical formats. <p>Audiogold are: Raphael Hurwitz (Lead Vocals, Guitar)<br> Jonny Wanders (Lead Guitar, Vocals)<br> Alexander Hurwitz (Bass Guitar)<br> Marco Cristaudo (Drums, Percussion)<br>Rosa Ullmann (Keyboards)

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    • Camden Rock Review

      With their debut album, Embers & Theories, about to be released there’s a chilled sense of anticipation awaiting Audiogold when they take to the stage at Camden Rock. The London four-piece boast an aesthetic combination of acoustic and electric guitar with a hard rock backbone, provided by the band’s sublime rhythm section, that offers up an eclectic mix of indie rock but at the same time isn’t afraid to delve into more folky waters. While they’re only third on the bill with the crowd that’s there to see them you’d be forgiven for mistaking them for headliners.Publication: The Gig ReviewDate:
    • IndieBandsBlog Album Review

      The unmistakeable sound of the band shines through in this well tempered opening track. I can feel myself wandering off to open festival spaces. Audiogold are deft exponents of blending rock and folk and in this instance they even decide to add some string accompaniment, which rounds off the sound of the track extremely well.Publication: Indie Bands Blog
    • Blue Pro Album Review

      Recently signed to JAMC / ChinChin Records within days of completing their album it has been a quick turnaround for this London based band, and with good reason. Their album 'EmbersPublication: BlueProMedia
    • Single Press Release

      Raphael Hurwitz provides the lead vocals, heartfelt and soulful, and with a freshness that endures beyond the first listen. Backed by Jonny Wanders (Guitar, Vocals) Raphael’s brother Alex (Bass) and Marco Cristaudo (Drums). Playing at independent music venues such as Camden Rock, The Hoxton Underbelly and Proud Galleries , Audiogold has obtained an active fan base and shining reviews.Publication: PrLogDate:
    • Indie Bands Blog EP Review

      Lost and Thrown Away hints at the classical roots as a symphonic orchestral composition melts in to a track which oozes of sentiment and it would be no surprise to hear this on a film score at some stage. These are a highly talented group of musicians and Perceptions of Colour is a superb showcase of their playing and song-writing skills.Publication: Indie Bands BlogDate:
    • Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys

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