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Arielle Alexander a.k.a. Jane Doe is a talented female producer, audio engineer, singer/songwriter and vocal arranger from Cleveland, Ohio and she currently resides in New York City. Jane creates tracks from a variety of genres from R&B, Rap/Hip Hop to Pop as well as composing music and songs for television and film. Jane is currently working with talented independent artists from her hometown Cleveland, New York CIty, Memphis, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Los Angeles to name a few. In addition to her solo production work, Jane also produces music with long time friend from Memphis, Marco Dane under their tandem AALB MUZIK. When they come together there's always magic as they form a formidable male/female production duo. Be on the lookout for new music from Jane Doe and AALB.

Production credits: B. Fly, Ja'Shayla, Ghrimm, New Yitty, Pro City, Money Bagz, Street Kassh, Young Skeet, Lab Spitta and more.
Engineer Credits: B. Fly: "Take A Trip" Can U Handle" Arielle Alexander: "Make A Wish" "Soul Speak" Lab Spitta "What's Happening" Ballin' Everyday" "Work It"

Jane is a BMI affiliated composer and song writer.

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    Phone: 610-585-0809
    Queens, New York United States
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      @NuJerZeyHitman BIG UPS TO MY SIS @Ari_JaneDOE Hottest Female Producer I Know!!! #salute #FF”Publication: TwitterDate:
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      @Shamrockmusic said "ON TONIGHT" That track is really Dope! Tell her I love that track. @Ari_JaneDOE @MarcoDaneBeats”Publication: TwitterDate:
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      “@_Ghrimm & if you u don't know about what @Ari_JaneDOE is capable of with the production, make your stupid self aware before its too late”Publication: Twitter

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