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Apollo Architect is the instrumental project of composer Bipin Kumar, incorporating elements of Shoegaze/dreampop, classical music, and electronica.

In 2015, Apollo Architect released their first two EPs, The Wanderer and The Cutting-Room Floor. Both feature a more minimalist sound.

In 2017, they released their third EP and debut album, both titled Bohemian Soul.

In 2018, coming off the release of their debut album, Apollo Architect is working with Make It Mindful on The Bohemian Soul Project, a music project where they plan on releasing a single on a monthly basis, to raise awareness for Mental Health issues.

  • Bipin Kumar

    Phone: 1 647 234 6892
    40 Deforest Dr.Brampton, Ontario L7A 2Y1 Canada
  • First Album Review By Canadian Beats

    "The entirely instrumental composition is both weird and wonderful in equal measures...For quiet nights studying or as a backdrop to a Berlin Art Exhibition the album is an art-piece in itself..." -Gary Preston

    Source: Canadian Beats
  • Third EP review by Canadian Beats

    "While having aspects of "lightness' and "catchiness" there is an underlying dark layer to the EP, giving it an aural depth" -The Riz

    Source: Canadian Beats
  • Second EP review from Yeah I Know It Sucks

    "First of all the music lid up the entire building with bombastically played musicality. Even though we had planned for the arrival of good music, it still came somehow as a shock to some of our employees[...] So in the end the YIKIS office had not only survived the music, they were in love with it. "-KN

    Source: Yeah I Know It Sucks
  • First EP review from Music Emissions

    " The Wanderer EP is as engaging as you'd want from a full-instrumental effort... the music itself is still absolutely hypnotizing... the absolute beauty of the music and the imagery it conjures up makes The Wanderer a splendid aural experience...For post-rock fans far and wide, Apollo Architect demands your immediate attention." 4.5/5

    Source: Music Emissions
  • First EP review from the siren's sound

    "...After numerous listens I am confident to say I dig everything about this EP, the sound, the atmospheres, the feeling, the emotions and above all the tracks setting which REALLY blend it all together."

    Source: TheSirensSound