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I am just a simple girl who lives in a complicated world.nnI am also a gay trap in a womans body! hahahahahahannI am the type of girl who will cry on for something that hurts me or fails me for a day and will laugh again on the following day and will move on.nnI live my life to the fullest as in to the nth level.nnI dont want to mind my problems, i let my problems mind me.nnThey say I am strong and a fighter, oh yes I am, but sometimes i want to be fragile, Hey I am also a person.nnI am God fearing, but I do not believe in confessing to a priest, I prefer talking to God directly (why would i tell to a stranger all my sins??)nnI am an open minded person.nnI am a nature lover.nnI love Gardens but i dont want to have one.nnI am a cry baby, I easily cry on something (before my cousin's friend died, and during the her funeral, I cried not because she is gone but because i see people cryin (i dont even know the lady that much).nnI can be a joker :DnnI love to laugh because they say, laughter is the only way for you to look younger again.nnI love animal;s but i dont want to have one.nnand just to end this...nnthis is the last one (because if i write it all down, there will be no enought space so better yet i end this)nnI AM A FRUSTRATED DIRECTOR! :D hihihihi

Photography and Out door sports (surfing, wall climbing, Biking, Etc.)

To be famous in Photography and film Directing

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