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We introduce the talented singer/songwriter/entertainer Anna Hlin as a indie artist.
Anna finished second in the 2009 Icelandic Idol since then she's continued her musical journey.
From having many popular songs on Icelandic radio as well as a New York based blog radio and appearing in popular Icelandic movies, Born 1&2,Bjarnfredarson. She currently has 2 singles playing on popular Icelandic radio stations, Bylgjan and Ras 2.
Now residing in Norway,Anna's music is reaching the norwegian people. They play her song on Norway's popular radio station NRK P3. From Norway she also does jingles for various companies and radio stations. Idolizing Michael Jackson from a very young age lead her into experimenting with all kinds of music, Reggae, dance and RnB. Anna Hlin has released 2 albums, Kaerleikur,All Souled Out, and a mixtape, Hekla.
With such a unique voice and heartfelt writing, Anna seems to attract music lovers from all over. Her fan base is steadily growing day by day.

Half Icelandic, half Serbian, singer/songwriter, participated in Competitions and showcases, landed second place in the 2009 icelandic idol, done jingles for radio and companies. writing/producing jingles, writing/producing songs/tracks for artists. Performing.

Music, truth, universe, love, all beings.

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    Sogn og fjordane Norway
  • “Anna Hlin continues to deliver the unexpected. Performing on songs like 'Hip Hop' where Anna decides to creatively combine the art of singing and rapping on her verses, leaves her audiences stunned.”Publication: Eli Hendrickson- L.O.J. Records Ent
  • “Sumthin_Magnetic moves to Norway.”Publication: Roy Sunde - Fylkesmagasinet
  • “Tónlistarkonan með höfuðfatið”Publication: Malin Brand -
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