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    toewr enclave phase 2 house no 4 jalandharjalandhar, punjab
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      Pooch na kaise maine- ahir bhairav Solah baras ki baali umar- ahir bhairav Cham cham ayi bahar- bahaar Khan se aye badara, ghulta jaye kajra- megh raag Bole papeehra- malhar Kitne dino ke baad hai ayi, jhoomti chali hawa yaad aa gaya koi- pooriya dhanashri Chandan sa badan- raag yaman Jab deep jale aana- yaman Jaya jaya jagdambe maata- yaman kalyaan Man tadpat hari darshan- maalkauns Tune pyar ki been bajayi- shivranjani Rim jhim ke geet saawan gaye- shivranjani Nigahain milane ko je chahta hai- yaman kalian Chaand phir nikla, magar tum na aaye- raag bhopali Daiya re daiya laaj mohe lage- darbari Koi matwala aya mere dware- darbari Mohe bhool gaye saanvariya- bhairav Tere sur aur mere geet- bihaag Sawan aye ya na aye- malhaar Paas rehte hue bhi tugh se door hain ham- bihaag Tere pyar main dildara- bihaag Tere bin soone nain hamare- bheem palasi Yara seeli seeli- meghPublication: Facebook groupsDate:
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      Amandeep S Sodhi Singer/musician, music director Raaga(Academy/Music Label)- Contact- 8699423038, 9646450542 Do check out the Great Talent Promotion blog Myamazingtalent.comDate:
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      Amandeep S Sodhi Singer/musician, music director Raaga(Academy/Music Label)-Music Vocal/instrumental,spoken eng.,Personal Dev.Contact for Shows,Rec.&Music Production/direction Contact- 8699423038, 9646450542
    • Shrimati Jasbir kaur bagga ji (classical, semi-classical guru) Shrimati Jasbir kaur bagga ji (classical singer, composer, writer, dance choreographer & musician) & My Mother as well. Mrs. Jasbir Kaur, Lecturer(Music) In DAV institute jallandhar Gharana (Family) history- My maternal grandparents ancestors were classical gurmat sangeet jattha (gurmat classical) gharana in Anandpur saab ji. A long family history of freedom fighters & classical kirtan singers in traditional gurmat styles which are perhaps lots with the times and changing singing styles. Also, sometimes due to circumstances. My mother’s grandfather & nanaji were Freedom fighters, classical singers & writers. They had the most traditional classical singing style with saarangi. The even previous history tells that our maternal ancestor family, the great grand fathers and fore fathers use to sing classical kitran in big gurdawaras like anandpur sahib ji. Gyani Himmat singh ramta ji (mother’s dada ji)- Gyani Himmat Singh Ramta ji was a punjabi poet, freedom fighter, Fought & Won jaiton morcha and the jaiton fort. In 1927 at takh shri keshgarh sahib he became the (Head granthi) of our religions Takht. He wrote many vaaran and prasang on (Tadhi jatthas). Vaaran- is a unique form of singing style usually sung in very high notes. This form of gayaqi (singing style) was sung to tell war stories of great warriors and our respected guru’s. Many of the war stories & vaaran which are sung today in gurudwara’s are written by our ancestors. As he was a freedom fighter and great Singh warrior he wrote a book (bhatat singh di phasi), he was sent to imprisonment for that. Amandeep Singh Sodhi pays regards to them. Gyani khushhaal singh hira (mother’s nana ji)- Was also a great classical kirtani. He Won jaiton morcha with Gyani himmat Singh Ramta ji Gyani hazara singh ji- did great work in classical & semi classical keertan and went to UK, Canada with there jattha (group) to do kirtan and they’ve taught many of young kirtani’s of today in abroad. The old history and documents tells that guru gobind Singh ji’s book (Bachitar naatak) was fragmented and many pages were with a group of Nihang Singh’s, some pages were lost & a part of the book was preserved by our maternal family. I tried searching but no one knows where the pages are lost. Some of the kirtanis are still living in village jandu singha, Hosiyarpur. Due to time and war circumstances in Punjab the great kirtani gharana was lost in time but the great words of gubani will never die. Classical Musical Learning- Shrimati jasbir kaur bagga ji learnt Indian classical music starting from gurmat sangeet from Gyani kartar singh parwana ji (A great classical keertan singer & delhi radio personality) She did sangeet Visharad, Sangeet bhaskar & sangeet alankar. Also, did sangeet bhaskar in sitar. Later on she purely dedicated herself to classical, semi classical music as a singer, writer & composer. She has learnt classical khayaal gayaqi, classical & semi classical composition from great guru of Indore gharana Shri M K Bhardwaj ji. Shri M K bhardwaj ji have given music in lots of Haryanvi movies. His specialty is his deep throat singing style & khayal gayaqi. We found guru ji again in Faridabad after 8 years. My Regards to such Guru shishya (Master – disciple) relation. Shri Har Niranjan Singh ji- My nana ji (maternal grandfather) was also a very good kirtani & very good violinist. Later he joined the army and lived life with lots of struggles. He was determined to settle in Faridabad with his family, so that he can bring up his children Some of the content of my article has been taken from his autobiography. Work and achievements in music- She has been working in DAV institute since 1978 as a classical music trainer & later transferred to DMS jalandhar and still working there as a classical-semi classical music trainer She prepared lots of classical-semi classical dances, raags, bhajans, songs, group songs, instrumental direction, and dance drama direction for youth festivals. Directed and prepared many TV, Radio & Stage programs. Her dance dramas are always with great musical background & with a teaching and a cause in it. Some of them are very popular in DAV institutes: 1. Abhilasha (to promote education in remote areas) 2. Moortikaar ka sapna (to enlighten India on social issues) 3. Pariyon ka jahan (imagination of war free and peace loving paradise of a child) 4. Saaksharta ahiyaan (Dance drama on social stigmas of india, especially women empowerment). There are many more solo classical, semi-classical, light performances that she has directed and prepared. Many of her unwritten stuff will be written later when she releases her own book. Some unwritten creations of my mother like ‘Neelima’ have never been published, again based upon women’s life and women empowerment. Shri Paramjit Singh Sodhi- My father, is a bank officer. However, has got good knowledge of Punjabi language and literature. His Father (my dada ji) and he himself use to sing Heer, Punjabi folk and some Punjabi ghazals a lot. He has keen interest in Waris shah Heer & shiv kumar batalvi ji’s creations. I am very lucky to have such talented mother & Guru under which I got training in classical, semi-classical, light music. As, I have been researching and working on Indian classical, west-classical, jazz, blues, lounge, acid jazz, mambo music, African music styles etc. since a long time. My first guru, my mother has been helping me in my research work. We’ve formed many different tan, alaap and sargam styles to mix and fuse it with classic jazz, blues music. With her we founded a group named ‘Voice of anhad’ under which we’ll form a band and academy soon. Please watch our group/band page called "voice of anhad". We will lay stress on quality not quantity. Hopefully, we will be doing shows and recordings in near future. At last I would like to say that a gharana and its name may die but a gharana in the Blood of a musician never dies. The Legacy passes on to my children as well and so on………. Regards, Amandeep Singh Sodhi (Classical, semi-classical, light Singer & musician)Publication: BlogspotDate:
    • are we good listners

      are we real listners of music Are we real listeners of music-- as i have posted in my previous blog. the links that i have posted in my previous blog are my songs that i have sung on you tube and ibibo (a talent promoting site). i want to ask everyone that are we real listners of music ? i have been researching on music i have learnt indian classical music from my nother (a classical trainer), my guruji from jaipur gharana and my guruji professor kirpaal singh ji but what i want to know is that after learning so much how are the people who are participating in these reality shows are getting selected and what is there selection criteria. we, the peolpe who learn music and people who teach music know that many of there contestants are fake the are following the old singers and are not even following them corrctly but the people who are singing well why are they not getting selected, is this just an eyewash for all the other participants. i have seen in these shows that when the contestants are performing the producers are watching from the admiin area and they give a slip to the judges to which participant to select. do you all think this is fair. what is the job of judges if the producers are deciding that who is going to get selected? and the participants that producers are selecting are those participants who are mostly the students of (Suresh wadekar) or (bhavdeep jaipuriya) both of these people have strong hold in bollwood industary. so what is the significanse of compitition. so i invite everyone to write replies to my blog and listen to my songs and my music in the earlier blogs. i want to connect with great musicians who know something about music... listen good because music is for purification of soul .....Publication: me
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      My profiles My profiles Hey I am amandeep s sodhi a classical, semi classical , light singer wana promote my videos to the world please listen to my songs youll love it my videos are on , , etc sur sangam's Videos - ibiboStore Unlimited Videos at ibibo Videos. Online Video Sharing, Store, Share Store & Upload Unlimited Videos, Video Sharing, Upload your ... Store Unlimited Videos at ibibo Videos. Online Video Sharing, Store, Share me
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      Hi all this is amandeep singh sodhi..... please vote for me in bollywood singer contest at Amandeep s sodhi (music is my passion my style)...... see my channel links of youtube & ibibo and different other sites......:-- Hey I am amandeep s sodhi a classical, semi classical , light singer wana promote my videos to the world please listen to my songs youll love it my videos are on , , ,, etc below are all my links to see my videos on all of these sites: lafangoDate:
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      hi i am amandeep singh sodhi from jalandhar punjab. I am a singer, musician from musical family also learnt from jaipur gharana. keyboard, Congo, boongo and djembe drums from shri rakesh pandey and classical singing from my mother (classical trainer) and my guru ji shri dharmendra katthak ji. I have been doing lots of experimenting on music like-indian classical, punjabi, folk in western jazz, blues, lounge, club, conga music, mambo music and there drumming patterns. I am good in drum playing and been researching on different drums in latin world, african culture and indian classical and Karnatic music. plz do watch my new blogs article -- music is my passion my style......see my channel links of youtube, ibibo and many more:-- Youtube, Lafango, ibibo etc.Date:
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      Lafango - Amandeep Singh Sodhi's MyStage (amandeepsodhi9) this is a lovely site , i am now at the upper mid stage of promoting my self to the world i , am also getting calls from diffrent people , different music directors ....... to sing on there tunes .... all because of sites like google , blogger, ibibo, orkut, lafango, tempostand etc... i have my account in all of them & i think i am going to sucseed.... Another thing i wanna talk about her is google's user based optimisation.... by using this you dont have to go in the technicalities of optimisation just use there features... its very important for us musicians and artists to be in touch with technology to make our mark & promote ourself.... Besides all of that lafango is an international talent community which promots singrs , stand up comedians , actors, musicians etc. and runs different contests.... and give oppertunities to the talented people to show there talent to the world one thing i want to share to all the artists is please dont share your original compositions on inetrnet, no matter how much securities are there but if we are publishing it on intrnet then , a lot of chances are there that your composition will be stolen by someone else on internet. plzzzzz go ahead and make your mark.... and watch my videos....... love you allPublication: me
    • times changed poetry

      Times changed poetry Times changed poetryHey all in this blog I want to share how the Indian poetry and the different forms of styles of Indian poetry changed by the changing times. It is all related to history of india, the moguhals and English (simon commission) played a vital role in changing the style of poetry in india. When moghouls came to india and invaded india a new form of poetry started ghazals and kawwali styles......... Kawwali is a rather sufi style of poetry in which the sufi saints use to express there feelings towards allah. My emphasis is on the time when there was lot of influence of lakhnow gharana on the northern belt in india. Different forms of singing and poetry which were there in india like thumari (in which classical singers use to show lot of gayaki ang ) there were lot of harkat & murkis , kan swars in thumari ang . Basically it is a form in which a classical singer don't have to follow the strict grammer of Indian classical ragas and they can show there own style. In the moghul era the thumari style gayaki changed into the ghazal ki thumari, basically followed my the singers by using the poetry form of gazals in which all of the male female relations and love feelings were shown and expressed in a soulful style. Earlier the actual Indian form of thumari was the kind of gayaki in which there were devotional poetry and these tumries were devoted to gods mostly were on different leelas of lord Krishna and radha. When the time changed the moghul era came they changed the Indian devotion poetry into the male female love relation philosophy and ghazals came into existence then these ghazals were fused with the thumari style making it more difficult to sing, they made it ghazal ki thumari mentioned earlier. Ghazals---Here I wanted to lay emphasis on how the ghazal came into existence. Every one should know about the nawaabs and there lifestyle there flamboyanc . The nawaabs use to go to kothas which means a place where women use to make paid relations to there male partners. But these women use to be great artists , very good singers and instrumentalists and very good dancers . They were trained this way specially to entertain the nawaabs and nawaabs use to love them a lot. These ladies to be very beautiful and work of art. People who know about the Japanese ghezha , they should know that Japanese ghaza use to be considered a work of art and exclusive beauties and were great singers and dancers same is the way these Tawaayafs use to be. These is a story in which bulle shah learned singing and dancing from these ladies for years in order to please his guru (murshid). Bulle shah explained how these ladies were full of manners and khandaani style they use to portray in front of there customers. These women use to sing ghazals which means (talking to ones beloved) there poetry use to be extreamly romantic in onrder to please the nawaabs. Now days Indian poetry is more into the western style but still there a lot of enfluence of moghul and british people in our culture. Harmonium a well known instrument was introduced by british people and widely accepted by Indian classical and semiclassical singers. In this way poetry keeps on changing and culture of different countries influence our culture, I see this change in positive way, we should save our legacy but we should accept art and culture of different countries to mix with ours because the byproduct is always very good. We should only remember only one thing that we should not accept anything wrong from any culture.Publication: me

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