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Building up her catalog is the main focus of this songwriter who is blazing trails behind the scenes of the music industry. Periods of rest are few and far between since just about everyone, producers and A&R reps alike, repeatedly ask her to write for them once they've heard a sampling of what she's created. She has been a well kept secret for months now, but the cat will soon be out of the bag and Ada will be guaranteed to not have a good night's rest for a long time to come.
Ada TheSongwriter's method is to become one with the musical piece she's writing to and coax from it, much like a skilled sculptor, the song that lies within. The results are often just short of amazing as the lyrics are perfectly blended with fitting melodies that in the end make the listener feel that what they are hearing is exactly how the song was supposed to sound all along. Ada TheSongwriter is quite versatile in her lyrical style in that she writes Pop, R&B, Country, Dance, Inspirational and World - even Children's. Her versatility also includes being able to create full compositions on her own aside from simply writing lyrics to existing productions.
Ada TheSongwriter is signed to SESAC as her performing rights organization and is the owner of Blue Lyric Music, a music publishing company.

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