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Fireside with Phil and Tony is an awesome acoustic project to go see. Loud enough to party to and at the same time you can still chat with your friends at the table. They are a MUST SEE!!! You WON'T be disappointed.
Phil and Tony have been together in other 'full' bands, and decided to form an acoustic project in Nov of 2008. Origanally the idea was a side project. By Jan of 2009, the project was their main focus.
The song selection is primarily cover songs, but do have some originals. New songs are constantly added to keep the set list fresh. To date, no 2 shows have been exactly the same ...

On October 10th. 2011, they released their first Cd/Ep "Shoot the Moon". All the songs on the CD are as you would hear them live.

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  • Review from Xchamber Radio

    When I was asked to do a review about Fireside with Phil and Tony, I thought to my self, what can you say about 2 guys… that play music that make you feel…just plain ole good inside.Hailing from the Midwest, Ohio that is…Phil and Tony’s acoustic style makes, you laugh and smile for days. Their original pieces get stuck in your head, and as you’re performing your own rendition to “Hung Like a Horse” you find yourself grinning. The songs they create are memorable, you can sing along with Phil and pretend to strum along with Tony, tap your feet, clap your hands, get up and dance. Fireside with Phil and Tony cover some of the classic rock songs, such as ‘White Wedding’ and ‘Free Falling’ in and up close and personal setting that make you feel like it was story time. Their shows are packed with some comedy and loads of great music. It's a must see for anyone who can attend. You will love this 2 piece band called Fireside with Phil and Tony.Make sure you check out their website at to purchase their latest CD ‘SHOOT THE MOON” and to get updates and show times. You will ‘Love’ them on facebook at a few of their current songs and check out their youtube page at for their entertaining videos.Fireside with Phil and Tony is feel good Rock’n Roll just a bit more up close and personal.~Laci, XChamber RadioPublication: Laci Dewine, Owner Xchamber radioDate:
  • Interview with Swoops World Radio

    Hear the complete interview on this link .. Fireside With Phil and Tony on Swoop’s World Late NightDate:

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