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***************Many apologies for not having more media up yet....I hav tons more to upload, yet i am currently having problems uploading anything on Trove lately....Check back soon for a wealth of more media!!!!!**************Grew up in a sheltered Maine backwoods town and learned to sing on dirt roads, belting classics and favorites cruising with friends (without a car stereo) in my Junior and Senior years in high school. I've been hooked ever since. Formed a band in Portland, Maine named Interloc, and have just recorded our debut cd. You all can hear our studio release in it's highest quality by following this

We are currently unsigned.

To become a rockstar! One with legitimacy and seems to be missing in our musical world today. Where have all the stubborn pricks gone, the Layne Staleys, the Kurt Cobains, someone not in it for the money, but more importantly committed to spreading the messages of all that life has to offer, for better or worse. I aim to bring back the "Call-It-As-I-See-It" integrity that seems to be missing. Ultimately, I want to help people cope with everyday debilitating emotions and distresses through the power of prose and song. There isn't a better medicinal substitute in my eyes than for someone to find the true resonance within their soul and purge it out to the world, and with it such weights.

Prison is Any Sense of Confinement

Christmas.....symbolic of rebirth, new life, a fresh start. Aren§t we all in need periodically?

Life has beaten me down.

Death beats on my door, begging for attention.

Bones and dust remain so long,

Aeons after, so will prose and song.


Life begins when you reach that point in your existence when all seems calm and crystal clear. Such a tranquil frame of mind can only come from one root, one stimulus, one cause: birth.

I have walked a lonely path, for it is my own. Punching bag for life§s pleasure and pain, I have walked since i can remember a little differently than the average human. Bottled up fury that gets screamed to the masses with silence only harbors that which pushes our buttons the most: Prison of the Mind.

Prison of the Mind is simply that. Picture yourself in a state take that same physical restriction and lack of freedom, and apply it to your mind, motivation, and emotion. Prison of the Mind.

We all have extra baggage of some sort. Release is the only way to avoid this prison. Let go, exhume your demons in a healthy way. All is never lost until you pass on....and then you start anew. The only answer is through your centermind. Focus....identify your problems and their source, and then attack with tenacious resolve. Use the fire and light you were infused with. Take that which makes you unique and fuel your life. Discover yourself. Through our minds and only our minds, we are either slaves or free. The beauty is we all have a choice. I have since found mine.

No bars can hold me, no chains I cannot break. I am nothing but the light I choose to cast myself in.

Happy traveling.

Singing, learning any instrument I can get my hands on, opening new musical doors for myself, and writing lyrics. Above all else though, my wonderful 7-year old daughter Autumn. The more I see in her the more I learn about myself. She is the teacher this time around, and I am but the eager learner.

Remember my child, the worth of your Clay; together form mountains, alone washed away - Lucas Cates

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