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Abhishek Shukla is an international Speaker, Author, Political Consultant, Global Management Trainer and inspiring support to all schools, colleges, individuals and corporations. He is the Managing Director and Lead Trainer of Share Your Heart and CRETA HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

He is passionate about business development and creative branding. He is wholeheartedly committed to a creative approach for all levels of personal and professional development.He is one of the most inspiring motivational speaker and corporate Coach in India. His unique style and ind depth knowledge in various fields makes him rank among the top speakers and Coaches in India.

His positive ideas combined with devotion & commitment can be defined as correct gratification. Keen sense of humor, facial expression, impressive body language & the style of motivating the listeners with constant interaction are the salient features of his oratory. Till now there has been countless number of candidates who have been benefitted through him. It is an experience by itself to interact with him in person.

His Experience
Abhishek is an entrepreneur with zeal, passion and a clear vision to bring the change in society through inculcation of employable and life skills in the youth of third generation.

He has been working with Education, Training and Human Resource Industry for past 10 years. He is an expert in Middle and Senior Level Recruitment, Education related Project Management, Conceptualizing the product and marketing strategies for the Education, Training and Recruitment Industry.

His training philosophy is based on using practical learning techniques “Wisdom by Implementing”. His charismatic and experiential based dynamic training style has earned him a global following of students, managers and mentees.

His Products and Services
Abhishek has designed and delivered some powerful workshops that break the misconceived myths around attitude, mindset relationships and wealth. For example • Sarva Kaushal Abhiyan (especially for Indian Colleges and School Students) Special Attribute Development, Running Horse Program, Wammy Programs, Coal to Diamond, Liquid & Smog Spirituality, Chanakya Neeti, Rajneeti, Bol Bachan, Teen & Tweens Moments (change or Break) Life • Survival or Greatness and many more….

He is a world class International Speaker & Counsellor and will deliver inspiring and elevating experiences customized for your organization. He also sets aside time to provide individual support and mentoring on a one-to-one basis.

What’s next?
Abhishek’s book “KISS - Life” (Keep it Short and Smile) is due for release in April 2015. He has commenced work on his second book “History is Her Story To” which will be featuring global Woman leaders.

His inspiration and mentors
He has trained with and learnt from the best in the training and development industry •Jim Ron, Gerry Roberts, Clinton Swaine, Robert Kiyosaki, Sidra Jafri, J.T. Foxx, Nido Qubein and many more.

Few words from him:
Learning is a never ending process. Everyday new things are learnt through Seminars, Books, Experience, Friends, Internet, Media and many other means. But the question is how many of us; really put that learning into practice in order to check its worthiness. There are various reasons for this. Many of us are either fully engaged with work or we are occupied with some personal stuff.
One more important reason is that we forget what we learnt in just 2-3 days. Hence, when we actually want to implement the learning we don’t know what to implement as we have already forgot the material.
But, the fact is, we cannot compromise on learning. We have to take time some-how to work on the learning; otherwise we are giving no value for the TIME we spent on learning new things.

“As rightly said, TIME is PRECIOUS, so also LEARNING”

To overcome this problem, I tried to give a new dimension to the training process. My training programs are designed giving importance to TIME and also to Individual's work & personal life. All the training programs I conduct are clubbed with Interesting Facts & Fun. This way you learn the contents of seminar easily and also do not forget.

I have maintained my conviction that the mind, body and spirit are integrated and uniquely important in every person’s life.

I am also very active in providing outreach and educational resources for schools and colleges. I regularly present workshops and presentations on topics such as premarital preparation, marriage enrichment, parent skill building, blended families and career assessment.

I have come to learn that healthy relationships are the key to a healthy, satisfied individual. My work centers on working with people to help them build healthy, supportive relationships in their lives.

I have been incredibly blessed in a number of ways in my life, not the least of which is the opportunity to have found a career I am so inspired by. I am proud and honored to do my life’s work as a psychologist. I have experience working with individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) and couples, as well as community groups and organizations.

In my approach to work, I believe that a solid understanding of oneself is the key to good mental and emotional health. This typically involves discussing thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships as well as cultural variables and past experiences.

"We can choose to throw stones, to stumble on them, to climb over them, or to build with them."

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