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Aba Shroff is a world class, classy and beautiful model and actress. Born on June 29th, 1983, her love for entertaining and communicating become apparent at the age of 3 when she put on her first stage show along with the neighborhood children. Since then this love has turn into a passion, with Aba taking center stage in middleschool and highschool plays and competing in modeling contests. Pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Communication Studies, she hopes to take the skills she has learned and applie them to the acting and modeling industries. Aba is available for hire, for both TFP and paid. If you would like to work with her please send an email!

For the last five years I have been a runway and promotional model and spokesperson. I have done many trade shows and events as well as fashion shows. In addition I have performed in plays and dances. My creativity and energy are endless.

I am looking to further my acting and modeling career in print, t.v. and movies. I am open to new and creative ideas and different talents.

Everything about the entertainment business fascinates me from acting, singing, dancing, modeling to fashion and production. In addition I am fascinated with the behind the scenes as screenwriting, producing, shooting and directing. Therfore I would like to further enhance and develop my modeling and acting career in television, movies and print.

I got outsed on hautelook because my video didn't upload in time, but there is still time left for! So please leave some love for me there! Thanks guys!

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