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Tha Militia of GOD is an established Christian music group now formed as an organization of groups & solo artists of all music genres for Christian ministry. The purpose of this ministry is promotion of GODs Kingdom & reaching souls for it. The New Unified International Organization of Tha Militia Of GOD's mission is Relationship based as opposed to religion based in that we speak & teach Christ commands in music form while providing many different soul filling ways to praise or "Charge your Crunk for Christ up!" It was started by Prophetician in its long journey of Music Ministry in 1997. It began underground album/mixtape production in 2007 finally after years of attempts at this feat. It consists currently of several solo artists of many music types as well as a Christian Rock Band & the vision is continuously growing & seeking to grow further. Currently aside from its founder Prophetician it consists of PRAYZE TIME, EVANGELISTYK CLAN, PROSELYTE TROOP SPIRITUAL DANCERS, HEATHER LANGE, JERRELL HENDERSON, RACHEL NICHOLSON, SPIRITUAL SERVANT SOULJAHZS & FRESH EXPERIENCE! As well they have connected with SSnLITE Ministries of Marietta, GA & Game'O Ministries of Harlow, Essex in the United Kingdom (England) as part of the international organization expansion. Its true purpose is unity in ministry & thanks to GODs Grace & provision, it is coming to light. Its capabilities are; Music Production, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Artistry Enhancement & entry Video Production!

Holy HipHop or Christian Rap production since 1997. Album production since 2007. Beat maker since 2004.

To reach the world with the Gospel in musical form, the ministry is more than a job, it,s a way of life!


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    Phone: (615) 679-7663
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee United States

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