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If you are; a southerner, a descendant of southerners, or an immigrant from within our national borders. The global community, one of the post baby boomer generations, a tourist, or frequent business traveler, then you know the tired old stereotypical image of the south is far from the truth. New Gentry magazine was created to show the world that borders and limited opportunities no longer exist.New Gentry will bring the best, the new the most cutting edge in the south to the southeast and the world. You will find features relating to every aspect of life; politics, business, fashion, the arts, food, family and much, much more. We will do this by introducing you to some of the best emerging and established talent in the world so if you are ready to move up to the next level and not just survive but thrive if failure is not an option and you want to improve the quality of your life, vision and labor-Then New Gentry Magazine is for you. Welcome to New Gentry the new south.

New Gentry is a new lifestyle magazine covering the entertainment, issues and accomplishments of the Southeastern portion of the United States from a new millennium perspective. In February 2012 we will publish the first issue of New Gentry and launch an historic endeavor in the South.

The Community

Removing the stereotypes associated with the South. Creating,Encouraging and Engaging creativity in philantropy for all demographics. Showcasing the best of the best who choose to do better and be the best them they can be.

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