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Celebrated for his warm tone, soaring lyricism and masterful technique, American musician DMITRI MATHENY is lauded as "the first breakthrough flugelhornist since Chuck Mangione" (San Jose Mercury News). First introduced to jazz audiences in the 1990s as the protégé of Art Farmer, Matheny has matured into "one of the jazz world's most talented horn players" (San Francisco Chronicle). An honors graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and the Berklee College of Music, Dmitri has toured extensively as a soloist and bandleader throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. He has performed with a "who's who" of jazz luminaries and has contributed to over 60 compact discs as a composer, arranger, producer, annotator or flugelhornist. Dmitri has released nine critically-acclaimed albums as a leader: Red Reflections (1995), Penumbra (1996), Starlight Café (1998), Santa's Got a Brand New Bag (2000), Nocturne (2005), The SnowCat (2006), Spiritu Sancto (2007), Best of Dmitri Matheny (2008) and Grant & Matheny (2010). He currently performs with Grant & Matheny, a chamber jazz duo directed by Portland, Oregon-based pianist Darrell Grant, and the Dmitri Matheny Group, "an all-star jazz band featuring some of the most accomplished musicians in the western United States" (All About Jazz).

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      From the opening notes of flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny's debut CD, Red Reflections, there's a languid, romantic tone that instantly warms itself to the listener. As he sketches out the first lyrical, sinuous lines that begin a musical journey through the various moods of his emotionally expressive music, it’s evident why the Bay Area horn player is among the hottest young musicians on the scene in jazz.Publication: Wayne Saroyan, CONTRA COSTA TIMESDate:

      His approach to the flugelhorn is lyrical, lean and often lithe, and his varied compositions are open to myriad possibilities. This group is long on sound and spirit.Publication: Jim Ferguson, JAZZTIMES MAGAZINEDate:
    • Dmitri Matheny Penumbra

      On this album, Matheny draws lyrical inspiration from the Moon. In his and the quintet's playing, he demonstrates a firm jazz perspective that incorporates lyrical predecessors Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Chet Baker, Kenny Wheeler and Tom Harrell. Veteran record executive Orrin Keepnews produced the session.Publication: Owen Cordle, JAZZTIMES MAGAZINE

      A master of the flugelhorn, the slightly larger and warmer-sounding cousin of the trumpet, Matheny wears his heart on his sleeve. Inspired by the minimalist balladry of Art Farmer, Miles Davis and Chet Baker, he has developed a deceptively simple style that depends on the subtle inflection and weight with which he places his notes, stringing them together in crystalline, rhythmically assured phrases.Publication: Andrew Gilbert, SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS
    • Dmitri Matheny Penumbra

      Matheny's compositions and arrangements exploit their potential with a loving concern for fine detail. It is a particular pleasure to hear an outing that mixes solid, straight-ahead blowing with thoughtful composition and a subtle understanding of the crucial musical balance between sounds and silences.Publication: Don Heckman, LOS ANGELES TIMES
    • Dmitri Matheny Starlight Cafe

      Dmitri Matheny hardly plays an unpretty note on his flugelhorn throughout Starlight Café. Matheny essays ballads and mid-tempo pieces with a winning, natural lyricism...the very passion of jazz. Matheny is unquestionably a master of his own refined territory.Publication: Steve Futterman, JAZZIZ
    • Dmitri Matheny Starlight Cafe

      On this, his third CD as a leader, Dmitri Matheny displays the kind of flugelhorn sound that has inspired this Metheny to start spending an extra hour each day in the woodshed. 

It's as gorgeous and soulful as a sumptuous full moon on a breezy summer night. And that's not to mention a level of technique and fluidity that will probably end up adding another hour to this admirer's new regimen. 

Publication: Mike Metheny, JAM MAGAZINE / JAZZ BEAT FORUM / 52ND STREET JAZZDate:

      If flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny's luminous sound and gift for melodic invention aren't enough to get your attention, he's got a few other tricks up his sleeve.Publication: Lee Hildebrand, EAST BAY EXPRESS

      Matheny's playing is soft as a breeze but also fresh with true jazz feeling. "I find myself moving toward playing fewer notes and making my solos spare and architectural. I'm trying to tell a story and be as lyrical as possible, approaching the flugelhorn as a singer would approach a song."Publication: Paul Weideman, SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN - PASATIEMPO
    • Dmitri Matheny Red Reflections

      The debut CD of flugelhorn player Dmitri Matheny is an intricate, colorful, slowly whirling vortex that draws you in deeper with each listen. A major talent as a composer.Publication: Mike Ervin, JAZZIZ MAGAZINE
    • Flugelhorn Combo Touring the West

      A visionary. Matheny's flugelhorn is hot and cool, wide of range and brilliantly imaginative.Publication: Phil Elwood, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

      Instead of leading off his debut album with a blast of dazzling flugelhorn chops, Dmitri Matheny opens Red Reflections with a gorgeous title track, a film noir-like mood piece that features him musing on his horn. It’s a fitting introduction to the San Francisco-based musician, who says that touching listeners with emotion is a higher goal than speed and technique.Publication: Dan Ouellette, DOWN BEAT MAGAZINEDate:
    • Dmitri Matheny Starlight Cafe

      Extravagantly, unashamedly, irrestibly pretty. Like every jazz musician worthy of the name, Dmitri Matheny hears something all his own. His sound is lambent, poignant with human breath, a spirit voice that compels attention even when it whispers.Publication: Thomas Conrad, STEREOPHILE

      San Francisco-based flugelhorn player Dmitri Matheny is making sure that the ballad form lives on with a warm, romantic tone and the encouragement from his mentor, jazz flugelhorn dean Art Farmer.Publication: Ken Franckling, UPI - UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL
    • Matheny Left Traditional Route Behind

      The flugelhornist's wide-open creative streak as a composer, arranger, improviser and accompanist is on view this week during his home season. With his beautiful, luminous tone and penchant for clean, deceptively simple lines, Matheny made good use of the time he spent studying with Art Farmer.Publication: Andrew Gilbert, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE
    • Monterey Jazz Festival

      Dmitri Matheny (flugelhorn) and Darrell Grant (piano) have played together for years, and it shows. Both players have refined their instrumental technique to the essentials, and their music had a relaxed, uncomplicated sensibility that made it fun to listen to. Not surprisingly the audience loved them.Publication: Craig Jolley, ALL ABOUT JAZZ
    • UC Program to Get Lift From Jazzman Matheny

      A noted composer who has received many commissions, Matheny is one of the most lyrical and creative musicians on the Bay Area jazz scene.Publication: Andrew Gilbert, CONTRA COSTA TIMESDate:
    • Matheny Makes a Little Night Music

      Matheny’s latest release, Nocturne, travels from dawn to dusk, taking the listener on a warm and lovely trip through darkness.Publication: Beth Wood, LA JOLLA VILLAGE NEWS
    • Best of Dmitri Matheny

      Welcome to the burnished world of flugelhorn artist Dmitri Matheny, who has spent his entire recording career giving the jazz heart of film noir a gilded elegance.Publication: Chuck Graham, TUCSON STAGE
    • Inspired by the Dark

      Protégé of the late Art Farmer, flugelhornist Dmitri Matheny works along the edge between chamber music and jazz, creating a musical landscape found when lights are low. The lyricism of his horn work is achingly poignant.Publication: Andrew Gilbert, SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE

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