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Formed in 1997, 80*D is a hardcore punk band brought together by their primal instincts to express themselves with edginess as well as heart, Jesse (lead vocals) and Jim Fury (drummer) have spent the past 14 years honing their sound and musical abilities to make a statement in the punk world. Throughout the years there have been a few different faces in the band but the current lineup features Max Damage on guitar with some of the most fierce licks in the biz, also Hoss on bass delivering like a pro.

The Phoenix New Times called the album "Preserving Disorder" angry and anti-authority. 80*D has recently opened for bands such as The Adicts, MOD, Clutch, Calabrese and many others. Their fan base is ever growing throughout the underground punk movement and 80*D is on track to break out as a front runner on the punk scene.

Current Lineup/Members:
Vocals: Jesse
Guitar: Max Damage
Bass: Hoss
Drums: Jim Fury

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