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The creation and development of the artist known as 3rd Parallel could be conveyed through a series of journals, movies, novels, and manuscripts filled with the turmoil of a broken family, loved ones deaths, living a life on the streets, being abandoned with a child, making the projects her home, establishing herself in the academic arena and emerging with the experience of life's lessons, superior intellect, and strategic and prevailing verbal utterances unsurpassed by any other lyrical artist to date. Born in Florida, living in St. Louis and establishing roots in Virginia, 3rd Parallel is the perfect blend of southern hip-hop flare, mid-west swag and east-coast drive. As displayed in such songs as "Lead By Example" and "Sweet Prince of the Ghetto" 3rd Parallel has witnessed and lived through the tragedies of life and is prepared to talk about real life on life's terms. 3rd Parallel is no novice to the hip-hop circuit yet the latest album "The Calling" serves as an emergence and rebirth to the music industry. Hip-hop is aching for an artist with the insight, experience and raw nature that is expressed in this album without the flamboyant choreographed dance records or nursery rhyme tunes. 3rd Parallel is a new generation of artist ready to speak to the world about real life without excuses or apologies. Be prepared to listen to the truth and see the world through the eyes of this astounding artist. The music speaks for itself. I present to you, 3rd Parallel.

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