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"1989" started as a garage band in the Bay Area suburb of Gilroy, California. All three members attended school together and have remained close friends since 2002. Matthew John Rivas and Arnold Palomo have known each other since early childhood, but it wasn't until Junior High that they began playing punk covers from the likes of the Ramones and Nirvana in a garage band. They met Daniel Angel Romo through a mutual friend, and after a few different formations with various other musicians, became the trio they are today.
"1989" was heavily influenced by skateboarding and the indie rock scene that began in the early 2000's. With bands blossoming like The Strokes, Interpol, The Hives, The Vines, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Kings of Leon, 1989 felt they wanted to make their mark on the music scene. Many of these bands have fast paced, precise pop songs. Matthew John Rivas, being the primary songwriter, wished to take elements of these pop songs, but also incorporate some of the grunge and funk from earlier musical influences.
With their first album, "Gold State", 1989 has successfully compiled a few seemingly unrelated genres into a unique sound that will interest the audience and get them dancing. Their most popular song "Warfield" is reminiscent of the Strokes and Interpol, using strong dance beats and effective guitar interplay. One of their latest songs "Fly on the Wall", is an ode to class reggae artists, and uses reggae rhythm along with a strong indie rock feel.

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