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What is an EPK?

An electronic press kit is a media profile of a person, company, or organization distributed for personal or professional branding. With Lafango, you have more than one way to make an awesome showcase.

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Who Uses Lafango?

Anyone can benefit from creating an EPK; individuals and businesses alike can make one. Whether you simply want to give another boost to your personal web presence or educate people on what your company does, Lafango provides the perfect backdrop for any audience and situation. Your EPK is your product profile and digital flyer.

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  • Thank you for the compliment !!!!

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  • Mamta another beautiful song of Kishore Da and my favourite which you have rendered beautifully. Well done :-) !

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  • Mamta, Suppppperb. My favourite song of Kishore Da which you have justified superbly by a female voice. Well done.:-)

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  • Mamta / Partha , Superb choice of song from "Pyar pyar" beautifully composed by Nadeem Shravan. Both have done a fantastic job. Enjoyed your presentation immensely. Extremely well done :-)

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  • Beautiful singing on RD Burman composition by you. My fav song to listen. More songs in your voice like this :)

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  • Beautiful singing by you, partha ji & magically performed by mamta too. New song to listen par isko sunte hi ispe pyar Aaya. More songs from both of you in future too :)

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  • Love the feelings in this song by you Sandip ji. Lovely dedication to your Guru here :)

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  • Rajesh bhai. I listened & viewed your songs here. I cannot post comments on your site, due to technical difficulty on this site. If I like your song there means that I enjoyed it & viewed it. :)

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  • Thanks a lot Sandip ji. It is a pleasure to have good remarks from your kind of melodious singer. Thanks again :)

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  • Thanks Mahendra bhai. I am pleased that you are enjoying my songs & singing. Thanks again

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Your Lafango portfolio is a culmination of notable press, accolades, and media, among other things. It especially thrives when people who discover your press kit are contributing to its quality. Lafango makes it simple for you to interact with a close-knit community and come up with new ways to build up your brand.

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Lafango makes it simple for just about anyone to start building a media kit that can be promoted in a variety of ways with little effort. You shouldn’t have to think about what you need to do with your EPK. Lafango gives you all the tools right from the start.

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